Mad Scientists

L3K (2006)

In 2006, the Mad Scientists decided to replace the aging L2K with the new and improved L3K! (It's one better.) Every year since the introduction of L2K in 1999, we suffered a loss of around 400 pods due to theft and breakage. (If you're one of the people who took a pod, shame on you!) With L3K, we decided to improve on the original L2K design and make something that would last for many years to come.

With L3K, there would be no more individual light pods. Instead, 8' plastic speed bumps were devised to house nine RGB LEDs. The new LEDs let us create full-color patterns, and avoided the need for trenching! Towers were built to hide the electronics and batteries.

As of 2017, L3K is still in use as the safety perimeter for the Man burn. To most, it's just part of the infrastructure, but to us, it's still an art project.