Mad Scientists

L2K (1999)

L2K was an art project that appeared at Burning Man from 1999 until 2005. L2K comprises a set of 2000+ individually addressable lights spaced approximately 1 foot apart. The lights are made of a plastic and concrete. The plastic lens contains a superbright orange LED and is mounted onto the concrete base for stability and durability. The lights are powered by a wiring harness buried underneath the ground. Power for the system was provided by eight evenly distributed lead-acid golf cart batteries.

At Burning Man, these lights were placed in a circle around the Man itself, providing entertainment for Burning Man participants and also acting as the safety circle during the burn. In 2001, the diameter of the ring was increased from 500 to 600 feet to accommodate the increased height of the Man.

The L2K Owners Manual contains detailed information about how the project was build, and how it could be maintained. Many volunteers spent many hours on the creation of this project so please do us a favor and check out the credits at the back of the L2K Owner's Manual below. The book also contains statistics about L2K that will make you reconsider any project involving 2000 of anything.


-the Ringmaster

The Sky Ranch Installation - December 1999

L2K in Pictures

More L2K pictures are available in the Burning Man photos section of the website.