Mad Scientists

HypKnowTrons (2001)

{}A HypKnowTron is a propellor-like mechanism with LEDs embedded in the blades of the propeller. The LEDs are red-green-blue triplets. The spinning of the blades causes the pure colors of the LEDs to blend together, generating a potential palette of thousands of distinguishable colors.

There are 2 HypKnowTrons, both of which have 3 blades.

     •     The small HypKnowTron blades are 3 feet long each. Each blade contains a single color of LEDs. The hub contains a sound-activated pattern generator. In the absence of noise, it plays some simple heterodyning color patterns.

     •     The large HypKnowTron blades are 5 feet long each. Each blade contains 40 RGB LED triplets. The LEDs in each blade are spaced 1 1/2 inches apart. The position of the LEDs in each blade are offset by 1/2 inch from its neighbors. The result means that when the blades are spinning, there is the appearance of 120 concentric circles.

The HypKnowTrons made their first appearance at Burning Man 2000. The big HypKnowTron made its fully funcational debut at Burning Man 2001.